About CFG

Simple. Sophisticated

We provide retirement, investment, and income solutions previously only available to the ultra affluent.


We are registered fiduciaries bound to the highest level of ethical and financial standards.

We are one of the first firms to offer professionally managed accounts and have partnered with 13 of the industry leading money managers who were previously only available to the ultra affluent. Your typical broker or financial advisor may manage 500+ individual accounts so when changes need to be made quickly, their attention always goes to the client with the most money first. Our platform has eliminated this type of broken system due to the fact that each money manager we work with, only manages a total of five portfolios. This insures the highest levels of attention are given to all of our clients simultaneously.

About CFG

What do we believe?

We believe planning is a process, not a one time event. Our view is the constant pursuit of wealth accumulation is neither good nor evil however, its abundance, scarcity and way it is utilized has a profound impact on our lives. Our purpose is to assist you in building and utilizing your wealth to meet your financial goals in positive and responsible ways. We believe your wealth can become a powerful positive force when properly managed thereby benefiting you, your family and our society as a whole.

Our firm acts in a fiduciary capacity binding our recommendations and actions to the highest standard in the financial services industry. At CFG, we utilize outsourced professional advisors, all with different areas of expertise. This allows us to remain diligent in our pursuit to bring you the very best advice possible.

We firmly recognize that our clients are the channel through which we derive our own livelihood. For this reason, our clients always receive our highest level of attention, care, and gratitude. We always strive to constantly exceed all expectations of our clients and their families.

Our investment philosophy is that by protecting and preserving your money first, you will achieve greater overall returns.

This takes precedence over market returns and as it turns out, this has been the right call. Chasing high returns at the risk of relinquishing market gains and even invested principle is a formula for insanity. Our investment managers all have the ability to go into a 100% cash position when necessary which allows for a better reentry point.

Our goal is to capture the majority of the upside of the market and limit the participation in market downturns.

Retirement and investment accounts are designed to provide you with a desired income stream. We believe that while in retirement, it is an absolute necessity to have a guaranteed income stream which will handle your core or basic living expenses for your lifetime.

We often hear from our clients that they sleep better and worry less with a guaranteed income plan. As a result, we have seen their net-worth increase dramatically.


Our Process

Simple [straight forward]

Our first meeting is structured for us to get to know one another and determine if we are a good fit to work with one another. If there is – we will schedule a second meeting to review potential options. If there is not a fit, we have no problem referring you to another local firm that may be better suited to assist you.