Institutional Management

Institutional Money Management

What is institutional money management? Why is it the new standard for investing?

Traditionally, professional money management was only available to extremely high net-worth individuals.

Professional money management is a fluid approach to investing by having access to any and all asset classes, cash equivalents and the flexibility to make moves based upon market and economic conditions. It’s a process to always perform regardless of current market conditions. The first goal of our managers is to not lose money, which ultimately provides much better annual returns.

Our institutional managers manage money – that’s all they do and most manage a total of only five total portfolios. Needless to say, they are the experts of investing. While our firm and many others are licensed and able to manage money, why would we when most financial planners exist to work with existing clients and bring in new ones. Simply stated, no one has time to manage 300, 500, or 1,000+ individual client portfolios. When you invest with us, you are investing with the major financial firms, insurance companies, and municipalities.