Retirement Planning

Retirement is the day your money works for you instead of you having to work for money.

Retirement planning involves organizing your financial resources to achieve your goals at a predetermined time in the future. When developing a retirement plan, it is crucial to insure your company retirement plan or IRA’s, investments, income plan, life insurance, risk plan, and social security are all working together and not against each other.

The idea of retirement is different to each person. While some people will never quit working, others may only slow down or stop completely. Regardless of your personal circumstances, we can custom tailor a retirement and income plan for you.

Safety – Your retirement account should be designed to provide future you with a future income. Retirement accounts do not have to suffer dramatic volatility in order to achieve desirable returns. Our first focus is always safety and preservation of capital which has proven to be extremely beneficial.
Growth – Consistent growth will always trump participating in market growth and corrections. Our focus is to provide account growth by not losing and giving back all of your account gains.
Income– During your contribution and working years, the focus of a retirement account is to create a large bucket of money. Once you desire to receive an income stream, there must be a plan of action to transition your retirement account to a stream of income.